Trolley Problem, Inc. now out for PC

Trolley Problem, Inc. now out for PC

Trolley Problem, Inc., a dark comedic philosophical adventure, has launched today on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store priced at £8.99 / $10.99 / €10.99. Trolley Problem, Inc. is a thoughtful and thoroughly awful narrative game that pressures players into making decisions based on genuine philosophical problems and then judges them, and the world, on their choices.

In the game, players will be confronted with difficult choices about hard topics such as immigration, corporate espionage, religion, or vaccinations. For each, two choices will be presented, upon which a countdown will begin. Players will have to pick whichever option they feel is right, although justifying it to their companions will be completely up to them.

“Everything is awful at the moment,” says Samuel Read-Graves, developer of Trolley Problem, Inc. “so what better way to take your mind off that fact by playing something which will make you feel worse? Trolley Problem, Inc. presents some genuinely testing and morally challenging scenarios based on philosophical problems and has been designed to spark debate in a format only possible through videogames. The journey isn’t entirely bleak – there are moments that I hope will make players laugh out loud – but ultimately, it’s a game about making hard choices and discovering more about yourself and how your moral compass compares with the rest of the world.”


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