Trust GXT 866 Torix Premium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Hardware Review
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Trust GXT 866 Torix Premium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Affordable, Sturdy, Good gaming companion
Bad: Not enough spacing around the volume knob
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It’s actually been a while since we last featured a gaming keyboard, but luckily Trust had us covered to make up for lost time. As we have received a few review models, this will be the first of a few keyboard reviews. Today, we’ll be looking at the GXT 866 Torix Premium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, which offers a full-sized gaming keyboard at a very affordable price. Without further ado, let’s discuss how well this device performed.


The GXT 866 Torix is a very clean-looking device. There is not that much framework, the keys have a low profile, and there aren’t too many bells and whistles. The Torix would be suitable for any type of gaming setup, and it would even look good in an office setting as well. The keys are clearly marked when they have a double function that works in combination with the FN key. One standout feature here is the so-called volume knob, which is basically a big dial that allows you to regulate the volume of the media that is playing on your PC. You can also press it down to (un)mute the audio.

Of course, as this is a mechanical gaming keyboard, you do have some options to spice up your gaming setup. The LED lighting for the Torix has a lot of different options, allowing you to properly customize your setup. You can choose different brightness settings, different colors, different wave patterns, and so on. All in all, this is a good-looking piece of gaming equipment.


The Torix comes with a very small frame, and thus it’s ideal if your gaming area isn’t too big. This is a full-sized keyboard, but even so, no space has been wasted on useless extras and the low-profile keys make things seem even more compact. Everything is easily accessible, and the FN key does allow you to use several other functions easily as well.

To clean the device, you can easily remove the keycaps, allowing you to properly clean underneath if you wish to. The smaller gaps in between the keys also prevent more dirt and grime from going inside, which is also a plus. The semi-glossy surface of the plastic keys and the aluminum top plate also keep things easy to wipe down when you spill something or simply have sweaty or greasy hands.

The added volume knob is easy to work with, but we would have perhaps loved a bit more space between this handy dial and the numpad keys. When turning the knob for the volume, we would always bump into the top of the numpad keys. Even so, we did appreciate the audio mute function, as it proved to be quite handy when receiving phone calls that we were able to turn off our game audio.


Truth be told, working with the GXT 866 Torix is as straightforward as it could be. You’ll simply plug in the device, and you’re good to go. There is no long setup required, and you will not need any additional software to have all the necessary functions readily available. That being said, there is software you can download for more advanced options. As mentioned above, there is the FN key that allows you to use some of the keys’ second functions. You can set up the LED lights with the FN key in combination with other keys. You can also easily access your Windows Explorer, go to your browser’s home page, boot up the calculator, play and pause media, and so on. Even though not all of these functions are as useful as others, it’s still nice to have quite a few additional commands available at the press of a button.

The Torix utilizes white Huano switches. These switches could be considered linear switches, as there is no heavy click sound, and they are somewhat smoother. Only when pressing down hard you’ll sometimes hear a small spring-like sound. We’d say that these switches feel a bit similar to softer membrane keyboards. This makes typing very pleasant, and it also allows for speedy reaction times during gaming. The overall smoothness means there isn’t that much resistance to the keys, which is a plus if you’re playing reaction-based games. We also didn’t encounter any double-click issues when typing or playing games.


Trust’s GXT 866 Torix Premium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a very sturdy and high-quality gaming companion that comes at a budget-friendly retail price. We enjoyed playing our favorite games with the device, and the response time was great when delving into more competitive titles. The overall design is classy, and the LED lighting settings spice up every type of gaming rig. If you’re looking for an affordable mechanical gaming keyboard, we suggest checking this one out.

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Trust GXT 866 Torix Premium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Hardware Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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