Trusting Trustly?

It’s no secret that sometimes we have posted about gambling on our site. We cover any type of gaming, and even wagering some money can be considered as gaming. While we don’t applaud lootboxes in games, we see no reason to frown upon gambling, as you know exactly what you’re getting into. As always, we recommend doing this in moderation, to keep things light and fun, but who knows, you might go home with an extra penny or two.

Gambling sites used to have a system where you had to deposit money directly on the site, wherein some scenarios your money wouldn’t show up immediately, and that there were rules to actually withdraw winnings and so on. Some sites used a sort of eWallet system, while others had you register some other system. In the end, if you followed several different sites, you had to opt for several different tools to manage your money, without proper oversight. This is where Trustly comes into play.

Trustly tries its best to avoid the term of a digital wallet, but to properly comprehend what it does, we’ll still call it a sort of wallet, but one that works on several platforms, and one that allows you to do with your money whatever you like, even if you want to withdraw it instantly. You’ll have to link the system to your bank account, with more than enough security options, making it very secure. Several different gambling platforms, such as, and even digital stores use the Trustly system. They allow you to securely do your purchases, or spend your money, and if you still have something left, you can simply withdraw what you have left, or even collect your winnings.

The advantage of a system such as this is that you can properly keep track of where your money is going. You have a proper oversight, and when more sites use this system, you have a central tool, rather than having to deposit money on ten different platforms to get something done.

In the end, gambling is still a choice in which you indulge yourself or not. Nonetheless, as stated in this article, it’s always best to stay vigilant and see what the site in question offers you. Are there methods of keeping your money safe? Great. Does the site require you to deposit amounts of cash on their site directly, making them the administrator of your finances? Not great. We are glad that systems like Trustly are being adopted by premium sites in order to make everything as fair and secure as possible. You’re in control of your assets, which means that you determine everything, from making funds available, to withdrawing your cash when you decide to stop.

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