TSIOQUE Available on Steam today

TSIOQUE Available on Steam today

OhNoo Studios, the Polish developers of Tormentum: Dark Sorrow, are back with a new, exciting production called TSIOQUE, which launches on Steam today. It’s a 2D adventure game inspired by all the best point-and-click traditions.

After Tormentum was praised for its beautiful graphics (inspired by the works of Giger and Beksiński), the developers are going down the same artistic path again when it comes to digital entertainment. This time they’re collaborating with award-winning Polish animator Alek Wasilewski.

Alek is known both in Poland and internationally and has won multiple awards. Thanks to his contribution, TSIOQUE stands out with visually-arresting, beautiful, hand-drawn graphics brought to life with frame-by-frame animation. TSIOQUE combines a fairytale style with a cartoon style, receiving praise from thousands of gamers already. The Kickstarter campaign exceeded 39.000 USD, allowing the studio to realise its vision as fully as possible.

Great social engagement by the creative teams, combined with Kickstarter backing, saw the game receive a full voiceover for all of the dialogue sequences and extraordinary musical score by Edward Harrison (Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, NEOTOKYO) and Elle Kharitou; producing a dynamic arrangement which aligns itself perfectly with events on screen.

In TSIOQUE players take on the role of the titular princess. She got captured and imprisoned by an Evil Wizard who cast a powerful spell over the castle she stays in. This princess is an independent young lady who won’t wait around for a prince to come and rescue her. She doesn’t mind to get her hands dirty and puts together an escape plan. This makes TSIOQUE your not-so-everyday fairytale. Expect a lot of plot twists, unexplored themes, a story that unravels along the way, and hidden layers.

The gameplay is inspired by well-known stories from the past like Dragon’s Lair, Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis, Day of the Tentacle, and Heart of Darkness. Your progress is based squarely on your interaction with your environment, which offers lots of possibilities hidden throughout beautiful locations. The attention to detail contributes to a production of great depth. Humour is combined with darkness and exciting challenges. The decisions you make need to be thought about since the wrong moves can have dire – and often hilarious – consequences.

TSIOQUE is available now on Steam in three languages; English, German and Polish. Three more will arrive within weeks; Chinese, Spanish and Russian.

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