TUBBZ Bloodbath – Review

It’s been a while since we last saw the cosplaying ducks of TUBBZ in real life, but it’s clear that Numskull Designs’ ducks are gaining ground as they get more and more licensed content. In December 2019 we had a close encounter with the martial artists from the Street Fighter series, albeit in their duckified forms. We loved the design and we were impressed by the overall quality of the actual figurines. This time we take a look at the Bloodbath collection, which stars 5 new ghoulish ducks. We received a sample of the duck versions of Pennywise and Beetlejuice. Will they float?

Just like previously, we are greeted by two nice plastic bathtub boxes in which both ducklings reside. The boxes are properly labeled, show the number of the critter in their respective collection, as well as the movie they’re originally from, the Warner Bros logo, and a picture of the rest of the ducks in this collection. We see a prominent logo of TUBBZ on the top of the box, and that’s basically it in terms of packaging. We love the very original design of the bathtubs, and the top of the box has four indentations to properly stack the bathtubs on top of each other.

We have to be very honest, the quality of these figurines, including the package, is quite impressive. The ducks are made out of solid plastic, but still soft enough not to crack in case you drop them. The details are properly handled, there are no splurges of paint on surfaces where they should not be. Even compared to Funko’s POP! figures these TUBBZ have a lot of diversity, even more, seeing they are limited to the shape of a duck. Nonetheless, the characters are very recognizable and just awesomely detailed. Our two ducks respect the source materials completely, in terms of hairdos, clothing, and even the general vibe you get from them. Pennywise also holds his very iconic red balloon.


It’s great to see that Numskull Designs’ TUBBZ are doing well and that this many publishers are granting them the rights to make authentic cosplaying (rubber) ducks. While we hope this doesn’t go in the same direction as the POP! figures where there are a million figures per franchise, we do like to see a few more characters being turned into ducks, hopefully with their own original bathtub. We like that the current collection(s) only has a handful of ducks per franchise, and we hope that this remains a constant as it will please a bigger audience if there isn’t an overflow on the market.

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