Turbo Overkill out now in Early Access

Turbo Overkill out now in Early Access

Turbo Overkill, the cyberpunk FPS developed by Trigger Happy Interactive and published by Apogee Entertainment has been released on Steam Early Access today. Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions are intended to be released later this year.

Turbo Overkill offers eight stages, filled to the brim with abilities, guns, challenges, and much more for veterans of the genre. In the game, Johnny Turbo returns home to the cyberpunk hellscape of Paradise and finds that a rogue AI named Syn has seized control of thousands of augmented bodies. To take back his city, Johnny must augment himself, from chainsaw legs to rocket arms and much more.

“To this day, the classic shooters I grew up on are still masterclasses in tight, focused design,” said Sam Prebble, one-half of Trigger Happy Interactive. “Turbo Overkill kneels at the altar of the greats, but I admire how modern games give us more ways to express ourselves. I can’t wait to see how players and their badass creativity blow my levels wide open.”


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