Twin-stick shooter HyperParasite launches today on all platforms

Twin-stick shooter HyperParasite launches today on all platforms

The Barcelona based developer Troglobytes Games has released just today the global version of its twin-stick shooter HyperParasite, following the Japanese one yesterday. It is currently available on all platforms with a price tag of $17.99 / €14.99 / £13.99, with several localizations already available.

HyperParasite takes a new approach to the formula, offering 60 classes of hosts to be controlled, taking advantage of their abilities. Featuring a good amount of comedy, retro visuals and synth-wave music by Van Reeves and Joe Kataldo, it will drag the player back to the 80s.

As with all QubicGames releases, a special promotion for existing customers is in place, as well as for any early purchasers. This promotion will last until the 18th of April, consisting on a 33% discount for all pre-orders and purchases and a 50% for returning QubicGames’ customers.

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