Ubisofts family-friendly RPG

Ubisofts family-friendly RPG

Child of Light is Ubisoft’s latest foray into the RPG genre and it’s not one without its own take on the genre. Child of Light is Ubisofts answer to why not create a game that children and parents can play together, inspired by Super Mario Galaxy’s ability to have a second player help out in the game.

“So I had the idea of what if we took the Super Mario Galaxy approach where you have a character that helps? What if he could move around on the screen and it’s not a nuisance for the parent?

“But the thing I felt was missing in Super Mario Galaxy was the second character is not really helping. You just collect coins. It’s not a collaboration — you’re more of a spectator.”

In Child of Light a second player can jump into the game and play as Igniculus while the main character remains as The Princess Aurora adding yet another lovable thing about the upcoming game, a female main character of which there are so few.

The game will play much like your average JRPG with open world elements where the enemies can be seen and blinded by the second player allowing battles to be bypassed. Turn based battles much in the way of classic Final Fantasy games where both player actions and enemy actions are dictated by a timer, allowing the second player to slow down the enemies timer or to heal Aurora if she’s low on health.

The game is being developed on Ubisoft’s engine which was built for the latest Rayman games and they have crafted an engine that really lets these 2D art styles shine.

The game is set to come out in 2014 and it’s something that I’m certainly looking forward to playing.

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