Ubisoft’s Immortals Fenyx Rising gets a free demo and first DLC

Ubisoft’s Immortals Fenyx Rising gets a free demo and first DLC

At the end of 2020, we reviewed Immortals Fenyx Rising. Only a month later and the first DLC has been released for this action-adventure game. In this DLC you will have to overcome the Trials of the Olympians to get closer to the Greek Pantheon. Players will be able to explore Olympos Palace and discover new gameplay mechanics by completing trials that have been made by the gods. Players will unlock new perks during these events, such as extra jumps.

Four new ability upgrades are as following:

  • Immortal Field Breaker, Athena’s Dash upgrade: Players cross the Immortal Fields and will do more damage while dashing.
  • Colossal Strength, Herakles’ Strength upgrade: Players can manipulate colossal objects and will deal more damage when throwing objects.
  • Wind Gust, Ares’s Wrath upgrade: Players can charge their Fenyx uppercut to reach enemies higher when they punch.
  • Phosphoros’ Swap: At the price of one endurance point, players will be able to swap their position with a decoy.

A New God is part of the Season Pass but players can also get this DLC separately, there are still two DLCs coming out in the Season Pass, these are planned for later.

If you have not tried the game for yourself, then it might be a good time to download the demo for free and fight the gods yourself. This demo is available on all platforms.

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