UFO (DVD) – Movie Review
Follow Genre: Thriller
Director: Ryan Eslinger
Distributor: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Duration: 84 minutes

UFO (DVD) – Movie Review

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The difference between the title of the movie, which is UFO, and the actual movie itself is that we for a fact know the movie exists. This can’t be said about the subject of the movie. Well, at least not on a traditional sense of the word. You could basically throw a failed pottery project in the air and call it a UFO, but then it failed twice, namely as a pottery product and a satisfactory Unidentified Flying Object. No, traditional UFO are filled with aliens, that’s what this movie is about. It dares to ask the big old question of: ‘Are we alone in the Universe?’.

It all starts when Derek (Allen Sharp) comes across some inconsistencies in a story about events that took place in a local airport. It all reeks to high heaven of a conspiracy theory, so he starts digging. As all things go, it doesn’t happen at the most opportune moment in his life as he has some math classes to go to and some exams to cram for. As time progresses the mathematical problem starts to emerge and it takes the spotlight in his mind, pushing away all other things he could be pondering. His friends Natalie (Ella Purnell) and Lee (Benjamin Beatty) realize that problems might come your way if you insist in keeping the rather smart but scatterbrained Derek around.

The plot is ok, it fits, there’s luckily no love subplot crammed in there too tight. The one there is, is only slightly hinted at. So no lovey dovey face sucky. It wouldn’t have meshed right with the character of Derek, who is at best rather aloof and at worst downright unlikeable. It’s not like the writers needed him to be otherwise. He does things his way, not because he wants to show the world the size of his stones, but because he just wants to follow his dream. Which is solving the mathematical problem he encountered. He comes across as stubborn and annoying, but in a very natural way. It’s probably the casting of the character, but it works. Derek as a character works, however much of a douchebag he is.

There are stars who fade into oblivion and who surface every once in a while trying to become relevant again, taking on every role they can. Then there are the actors who fade away, but only come out every once and again, choosing and picking their roles with care. Gillian Anderson is one of those. She plays Dr. Hendricks, the math teacher at the University at which Derek follows his classes. She’s iconic and for the older generation who view this movie, her voice clicks and flashes of ‘X-Files’ pop into their minds. It’s not a bad thing, what with the whole plot of the movie, so her role comes across as another decent casting. Her disposition toward Derek is also quite negative. It’s not like she has an open hostility toward him, but she thinks he’s wasting his potential and he’s being obtuse for the sake of being so, and this is what she blames for his failing grades at school. She’s not far off.

The acting is really, really well done. Derek nails his role as having a mind which is occupied with this one conundrum up to the point you start feeling sorry for his friends. Both of which play their roles with aplomb, too. There’s a scene between Natalie and Derek where you feel the resentment and betrayal quite strongly and it’s the highlight of the movie.

At times there are some odd lines, so the writing is not always optimal, but overall these ‘inconsistent lines of dialogue’ are few and far in-between so a viewer won’t trip over them unless they are being really critical.

The ending, with all the hype being built up during the movie, is very, very disappointing. That’s the problem with it, there’s little to no conflict, no massive action set-pieces, no direct threat, so when the ending comes and goes, the viewer will experience a very ‘meh’ moment. The acting is really well done, the plot is serviceable, but the ending could do with something more of a bang. More like the X-files did. Something that’ll leave a very ‘holy shit what the fuck’ kind of twist. You already have the actress, make use of it.

When you buy the DVD you’ll get the movie. That’s it. there are no bloopers, cut content or even director’s notes. Which is a shame, not that it should be the sole reason to buy a movie, but extras are always fun.


UFO is a different take on the whole ‘aliens coming to Earth’ set of movies which have recently been released. With no major set pieces and little to no threat, the movie is supported by the acting talents of the cast. The latter isn’t a bad thing, but a let-down for those who expected more of an action oriented movie with a satisfying outcome and conclusion to the conspiracy theories.

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UFO (DVD) - Movie Review, 6.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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