Undertaker #3 De Reus van Sutter Camp – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Western, Action
Written by: Xavier Dorison
Illustrations: Ralph Meyer
Coloring: Ralph Meyer, Caroline Delabie
Publisher: Dargaud

Undertaker #3 De Reus van Sutter Camp – Comic Book Review

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Last time we were quite intrigued with the setting of a rather badass undertaker, who clearly isn’t in it for the money, or the stiff companionship either. Jonas Crow, a man who is running from his past, is now travelling together with a rather good looking lady, Rose, and a Chinese immigrant, Lin, who clearly knows how to deal some punches as well. Continuing their journey, mouths need to be fed, and thus there needs to be a body they can bury somewhere, for the proper coin, that is.

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Rose is trying to make Jonas a bit friendlier to potential customers, even though he thinks that it’s just a wasted effort, as his ‘clients’ are a onetime deal anyway. Nonetheless, they need money and they need it fast, as they have no more resources left. When they finally find a notice of someone needing an undertaker, they head towards said location. Before long it becomes clear that those in need of Jonas’ services are loaded, thus they ask a hefty sum of money for their services. While everything seems to be heading towards the right direction, things turn rather dark when the husband of the deceased recognizes Jonas from many years ago, and claims that ‘The Giant’ is still alive. Even though to many this sounds like the ramblings of an old fool, Jonas knows what this means: a crazy psychopath is on the loose, and has probably killed a lot of innocent people over the years. He has to be stopped.

Seeing we wouldn’t want to spoil too much of this fairly rapid moving issue, it’s safe to say that you’ll be in for a very dark emotional rollercoaster. Jonas will try to right one of the biggest wrongs of his past, but sadly Rose and Lin are getting involved too. It becomes rather apparent that Jonas cares for Rose, and will clearly lose it if she gets hurt. Xavier Dorison brings out the worst in all characters in this issue, and in a weird and twisted way, we kind of like it.

As expected, the illustrations have remained more of the same as the last time, but there’s extra gore and darker tones that are moved more prominently to the foreground. Ralph Meyer does a great job in drawing realistic characters, and a very picturesque Wild West setting. The darker atmosphere has been handled properly by Caroline Delabie, who clearly knows her way around a darker stroke.


Compared to the adventure in the previous album, Undertaker #3 De Reus van Sutter Camp feels a lot different, a lot more grim to be exact. While the story itself still feels a bit like an adventure, you’ll also dive into the dark past of Jonas, and this time his new friends will be involved, albeit without his approval. Lives are put in the wrong hands, and this issue will certainly drive you to the edge of your seat.

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