UNITED 1944 launches in Early Access today

UNITED 1944 launches in Early Access today

Spanish developer Novarama celebrates the Early Access launch of UNITED 1944, their innovative multiplayer FPS set in World War II. Following positive feedback from several public betas with thousands of players, UNITED 1944 blends shooter, strategy, and survival elements to bring this historical moment to life. Featuring two game modes, three large maps, over 20 weapons, and more than 40 skills, UNITED 1944 offers a rich multiplayer FPS experience set against the backdrop of WWII battles. From the French Countryside to Northern Africa and D-Day France, players can engage in 16v16 battles of classic domination. The gameplay includes scavenging for resources, defending outposts, fortifying bases, crafting gear, and engaging in realistic yet enjoyable battles.

Apart from the classic domination mode, players can delve into the unique extraction-based Survivor mode, where survival is uncertain, and everyone is an enemy. The game involves resource hunting, city exploration, and setting up improvised bases to fight for survival. The ongoing development promises new content, including weapons, maps, skills, game systems, and more, scheduled for release throughout 2024.

Game Features:

  • 16 vs. 16 territorial control urban warfare in Domination mode and a sandbox extraction mode for up to 24 players in Survivor mode.
  • Three large maps with advanced outposts and freeform building for fortification.
  • In-session skill tree with 40+ skills for mid-battle customization.
  • Over 20 weapons, including WWII classics and makeshift resistance weapons.
  • Realistic weapon models with damage falloff, ballistics projectiles, recoil, and spread, featuring live audio recordings from original WWII guns.
  • Full communication system with ping, VoIP (proximity, squad), and text chat.

UNITED 1944 is priced at $29.99 USD / 29.99 € / £24.99 with a 20% launch discount available for one week. Additionally, a Twitch drops campaign starts today for one week, offering exclusive rewards to Twitch viewers.

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