Upcoming Movie – Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods (French, Dutch)


The Adventures of Asterix is one of the most celebrated comics of all time. The French comic, created by RenĂ© Goscinny (writer) and Albert Uderzo (illustrator), started in 1959 and has 35 volumes. Back in the heyday it was adapted into 8 animated motion pictures (which were great) and 4 live action films (which are entertaining, but that’s about it). Now, a cooperation between M6 (France), Belvision (Wallonia) and Grid (Flanders) are created the first CGI animated Asterix adventure, and they are basing it upon the story The Mansions of the Gods.

In Asterix: Mansions of the Gods the Romans are planning to absorb the village of our heroes into a colony of Rome, by building an exclusive estate near it.

It will hit Belgian and French theatres on November 26th, and the Flemish voices include Warre Borgmans (Asterix) and Wim Opbrouck (Obelix). There isn’t a date for the rest of the world yet.

You can find a (Dutch) trailer below:

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