Update 1.0.7 released for Wolfenstein Youngblood

Update 1.0.7 released for Wolfenstein Youngblood

Today, MachineGames and Arkane Studios have released update 1.0.7. This update will include a new Treasure Hunt mission, new maps, skills, enemies and more.

In the new Treasure Hunt mission, the study of the artifacts om Lab X has led to the revelation of a second Da’at Yichud chamber. The Nazis have already claimed this room but haven’t uncovered its mysteries. This will be an endgame mission which is advised to start when you’ve reached level 40. A new mission type called Treasure maps has also been added that will let you search for the Da’at Artifacts. Finding these artifacts will lead to some new rewards.

Two of the newly added skills are complete opposites of each other. The Silent Killer will let you disappear into the shadows after performing a murder, while the Resilience skill will increase your defense to take on the damage of explosions. Combined with the new enemies, this update is sure to be a great addition to the game. A trailer that highlights all the important additions can be checked out by clicking here.

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