Update 20 brings seasons and more to Fallout 76

Update 20 brings seasons and more to Fallout 76

Update 20 has now released for Fallout 76, including The Legendary Run, the first season of Fallout 76. Participate in this season for new and exclusive rewards. This update also adds the new Public teams feature for easier creation of teams in this game.

The Legendary Run marks the start of a new account-wide progress system that revises the current Challenges and will reward players with a bunch of rewards as they progress. You can check your progress in the main menu wit a new menu there. This menu is inspired by a board game inspired by Captain Cosmos. You’ll start at rank 1 and your position on the board will improve as you earn S.C.O.R.E. by participating in activities, daily challenges, and Public Events. Each time you rank up, you’ll have a chance to get new rewards like unique armor, C.A.M.P. items, weapons skins, power armor paint, Atoms, and even in-game currencies like scrip, caps or Gold Bullion.

A new tab called Public Teams shows all the public teams which you can freely join or make your own public team. In creating your own team, you can give it a target of six options: Hunting, Roleplaying, Events, Exploration, Building, or Casual.

More info on this new update can be found by clicking here. The new Summer Update trailer will show you everything that Update 20 has added to the game. You can see it below this post.

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