Update roadmap released for Green Hell

Update roadmap released for Green Hell

After a good launch on Early Access with good feedback from streamers, media and the community. Today, the developers behind Green Hell presented a roadmap featuring detailed information on updates. One of the major improvements will be a cooperative mode that was highly requested by the community.

The update roadmap shows the following updates:

  • New animals and building types including new plants and a new challenge, hunter.
  • A water update that will provide a new area, new water animals, the possibility to swim, dive and fish. This also includes new water plants and a new challenge, Angler.
  • New human enemies, armor system, human traps, AI behavior and damage updates including a new challenge scenario
  • The ability to build in mud including new items and crafts. This also adds a challenge scenario. Forging will also be added in this update.

All these updates will appear from Autumn this year and the upcoming winter. At full release in spring 2019, there will be a full story mode with new map areas, enemies and more challenge scenarios. The mostly requested cooperative mode will be added as a free DLC in spring 2019.

Check out the roadmap below for the visual idea of the updates.


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