Updates for Project Genom

Updates for Project Genom

At the end of last year, we had the opportunity to test the game ‘Project Genom’. Since our preview, they’ve been busy with adaptations and a new version has been released today. All character information is now located in one window, which is divided into 12 paths of development. Each path has 6 skills and to make things even more extensive, each path has several nodes that gives the character new features.

The equipment department has gotten some changes as well. Although they might not be drastic, they’re still important. The list-like inventory has been altered to a slot system with drag-and-drop features and a limited amount of slots per category.

These are some other changes we can expect:
  • Locations will become several times larger than they are at the moment. The main base will feature new chambers and units.
  • There will be new quest mechanics which will include tasks involving the use of transport, survival skills, time quests and other things. Some quests will split into several directions with 2 or 3 different endings, depending on your choices.
  • Characters will have new motion animation and reaction to being hit; character controls will also alter.
  • New transport will be featured in the game.
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