Upside-Down Dimensions – Now Available in Early Access!

Upside-Down Dimensions – Now Available in Early Access!

The gorgeous looking papercraft platformer game Upside-Down Dimensions has been released in Steam Early Access today, August 9th! This game has been developed by Hydra Interactive and published by KISS ltd.

Upside-Down Dimensions is set a world based on ancient Japan, with samurai warriors, maidens in kimonos and mythological monsters. The whole game looks like it’s been constructed with paper: colorful origami figurines fight, jump and walk around between layered, stage-like decoration pieces cut and folded from paper.

This game is a single player platformer, but you’ll play two different characters: a boy and a girl who are each in another dimension. The game features hack’ n slash action RPG elements and combines them with stealth & platforming gameplay, and co-op puzzles which you’ll need to solve with your two characters.

Reach out between dimensions to fight the Dark Shogun and his evil minions together, and try to bring peace and stability back to the once tranquil paper kingdom!

For more information, check out the Upside-Down Dimensions Steam page!

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