Urban Trial Tricky – Review
Follow Genre: Stunt Racing
Developer: Tate Multimedia
Publisher: Tate Multimedia
Platform: Switch
Tested on: Switch

Urban Trial Tricky – Review

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In the gaming industry, you will sometimes have a certain series that will dominate its genre. When there are other games that want to ride its success they will either be a complete failure or decent competitors. Urban Trial Tricky takes on the Trials series by combining its trial element with a stunt part.


There is no story in Urban Trial Tricky, you just start the tutorial and try to get as many stars as you can in each race. You only have one character who you can use who has no backstory. There are a few funny skins that are available, yet there is no coherent story in the game, making things feel a bit disconnected. This is absolutely not an issue as the arcade feel of the title lends itself better for quick races.


What makes the game stand out is its approach to graphics. The overall visuals are very smooth and many levels are really colorful. This makes Urban Trial Tricky an ideal game for all ages. Most maps are pretty short, yet don’t lack in details as there are many nice things to look at on the screen. However, it did happen that, while chaining long combos, there was sometimes a slight stutter in the frame rate.


The sound is as lively as its graphics, meaning that there is some decent music playing on the menus and your character is voiced. During tricks, he will cheer and he has some cheesy one-liners in his sleeve. The menu music can become a bit boring as it is shortly looped, so we do not advise leaving the menu open for too long.


Urban Trial Tricky is a stunt racing game that blends trial racing and stunt racing together in one fun title. As the focus is more on performing stunts, rather than trials, you will notice that the controls look and feel like a Trials game. The main difference is that you can turn 180° and jump with the push of a button. The game starts with a few tutorials, explaining to you how to control your character and move around on the track. These only take a few minutes and will let you earn money to unlock customizations for your rider and bike.

In the Single Player Mode, you will either have Timed, Tricks or Competition events. In Timed you will have to race to the finish line as fast as possible. If you do some tricks along the way it will increase your timer, so it is best to find a balance between speed and showing off. In Tricks, you will have to beat a certain score to progress. Each level is measured in stars, you can earn from one to five stars. You will also be able to complete extra challenges to earn some extra money. In the Competition you’ll have to perform specific tricks, in a limited time frame.

There are a bunch of levels available, but don’t expect many hours of content if you don’t replay older levels. If you really want to unlock additional content such as bikes, skins and clothes, and earn five stars on every stage, then you can spend a lot of time earning these. If you rather just go through the events you might complete the game in a few hours.

Controlling the bike is really easy, you only need a few buttons to do the tricks or simple combinations for more difficult stunts. However, just like Trials, the bike is really wobbly and will easily tip over. Yet your rider seems to be in ultimate control and won’t fall off that fast. Since you can turn 180° with the push of a button, you will sometimes see the guy nearly topping off his bike and this animation is really nicely done and gives more realism in an arcade game.


Urban Trial Tricky is a very fun game that is a really good entry title for younger players to enjoy stunt racing combined with some simple trial elements. The graphics are very nicely made and smooth. They come alive on the switch and the animations are of high quality. The sounds are also really good as the voiced character gives a certain charm to stunt racing, yet the menu music can become rather boring if you keep it on for too long. The gameplay is fun, easy to master and provides enough challenges to keep you trying to unlock everything. Sadly if you run through it, then you will probably finish it in a few hours.

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Rating: 9.7/10 (3 votes cast)
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Urban Trial Tricky – Review, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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