Uventa – New survival horror game!

Uventa – New survival horror game!

A new horror game has been released today. The game is called Uventa and is about a night guard who, while doing his rounds, ends up in an abandoned Soviet-era school.

Instead of the now cliché reporter, you play as an ordinary night watchman who, while doing his everyday rounds, suddenly finds himself in a long-abandoned school and after a while, he ends up somewhere even more surprising. You will need to solve puzzles and complete strange mini-quests before you’re able to move on and find out more about the mystery of the game. Strategy and cunningness will be your weapons as you won’t be the only one hanging around the building.

The events that play out in the game are based on a true story. The game also features an original soundtrack of a bygone era. Once you finish the game you will not only find out the mystery but also make the nightmare your own.

Uventa was developed by the BlackRat Studio and is now available on Steam.

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