V Rising arrives on PS5!

V Rising arrives on PS5!

Swedish game developer Stunlock Studios has announced the release of the PlayStation 5 version of their open-world fantasy survival Action-RPG, V Rising. Following a successful 1.0 Steam launch on May 8th, which received positive reviews and attracted a growing player base, PS5 users can now experience V Rising. Players awaken as a vampire, build their own castle, avoid sunlight, and explore an expansive world with seven regions and 57 bosses. The game offers both solo and online multiplayer modes, culminating in a battle against Dracula.

Key features include:

  • Action-RPG combat with DualSense gamepad support
  • Survival crafting gameplay for castle construction and equipment
  • Hunting for blood and navigating shadows to avoid sunlight
  • Exploring a dark fantasy world with various creatures and foes
  • Defeating over 50 bosses to gain abilities and increase power
  • Customizing gameplay with 11 weapon types and 50+ spells
  • Styling your vampire with different armor appearances and colors
  • Confronting Dracula to rule the night
  • Stunlock Studios, in collaboration with Auroch Digital, has enhanced the PlayStation 5 gameplay experience with UI improvements and DualSense controller support.

Console players can also participate in the Legacy of Castlevania event, a collaboration with Konami Digital Entertainment. This event includes battling Simon Belmont to unlock the whip weapon. Additionally, players can purchase the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack cosmetic DLC for €19.99, featuring character and castle customizations inspired by Castlevania. V Rising is available as a Standard Edition for €39.99, a Castlevania Edition (including Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack) for €59.99, and a Complete Edition for €99.99. The Complete Edition includes all current cosmetic packs: the Eldest Bloodlines Pack, Dracula’s Relics Pack, Sinister Evolution Pack, and the Legacy of Castlevania Pack, providing a comprehensive cosmetic bundle.

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