Valorant: A New Turn in eSports and Professional Tournaments

Valorant is a multiplayer first-person shooter where teams fight in special arenas using various weapons and abilities. Two teams of five players are divided into attackers and defenders. The goal of the former is to install a bomb in certain areas on the map and wait for it to explode, the task of the latter is to prevent them from doing this or neutralize the installed bomb. The game is reminiscent of another well-known team shooter – Counter-Strike, but Valorant has brought new mechanics to the genre.

Valorant is a young eSports discipline: the game was released only in 2020. But the main event of 2022 was watched by 1.5 million people at its peak – and, most likely, this is only the beginning. The game is being developed by the Riot Games studio, known to gamers for one of the most successful online games – League of Legends.

The shooter is a genre of video games in which the main mechanics are built around shooting weapons. It can be from the first person, that is, “from the eyes” of the character, or from the third person when the camera is behind the back of the virtual hero. As a rule, in competitive shooters, the player or team needs to eliminate all enemies or complete a tactical objective on the map.

The company pays a lot of attention to the organization and coverage of tournaments and strives not only to create quality games but also to develop them into exciting universes that transcend the genre. For example, in 2021, the animated series Arcane was released on Netflix for League of Legends, which was highly appreciated not only by the fans of the game.

Why is Valorant the Premier Team Shooter in the World?

The Atmosphere of the Big Sport

Like other eSports disciplines, Valorant is interesting to the audience due to the developed competitive component. Teams from all over the world compete for the title of a champion every year. To do this, players have to train for thousands of hours, think over strategies, analyze past matches with coaches and work with psychologists – everything is like in professional sports.

Due to its relatively young age, Riot Games’ competitive shooter ecosystem is still shaping up, but it’s for the game’s benefit. The developers actively support the project and regularly release updates taking into account the criticism and wishes of gamers, esportsmen and tournament organizers. This helps to turn discipline into a large-scale and spectacular show.

Teamwork and Adaptation

In Valorant, a lot depends on strategy and tactics. The plan for the round is built not only around the direction of attack and available weapons: each team has its own set of agents with different roles and abilities, and interactive elements on the maps add variety to the gameplay.

At the same time, prepared strategies do not always work, and the fate of a round or even a match can be decided in micro-moments. Therefore, among professionals, coordinated actions and the ability to adapt to a specific situation are valued.

Wide Geography and Fresh Blood

The Valorant professional scene features players from all over the world. There are 30 partner teams – the best of the best, participants in the main competitions of the highest level.

At the same time, the tournament system is built in such a way that even young players can break into the major leagues and become eSports stars. This attracts new talents to the game, and the audience has an additional interest – to follow an unknown team that decided to challenge the veterans.

Where to Watch the Upcoming Valorant Championships?

Official broadcasts of Valorant tournaments can be found on Twitch and YouTube. Matches on these channels are covered by professional studios in English and other languages. This is the most popular and affordable viewing option: the noise of the stands helps to plunge into the atmosphere of eSports, and professional commentators will not miss any important aspect of the game. If you would like to check the schedule for upcoming Valorant tournaments, then you should visit the GetEsports platform. You may be absolutely sure that you will not miss anything important there.

Valorant is a Young and Fast Growing eSports Discipline

The competitive system of the game has been changing and improving since 2021, and the developers recently announced a new season called Valorant Champions Tour 2023. It received a number of notable changes compared to previous versions: partner teams appeared in three international leagues, as well as an increase in the number of planned official tournaments. Competitions will begin in January and will be held throughout the year around the world.

Shortly after the end of Champions 2022, Riot Games released a list of 30 partner teams from Europe, America and Asia. In 2023, it is they who will participate in the major leagues of the tournament season and lay the foundation for a new scheme for holding official tournaments. These are not just the best eSports organizations: according to the developers, the selection lasted several months and included several stages.

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