Vampyr – new difficulty modes added!

Vampyr – new difficulty modes added!

Good news for owners of the game: Vampyr! The narrative-driven, action-RPG is getting regular updates even now. With the newest update releasing next week.

In the newest update, two new difficulty modes have been added: Story Mode and Hard Mode. Story Mode allows players to enjoy the story and narrative more because the gameplay is less challenging. In Hard Mode it is quite the opposite, players will have to think more strategically. Players will receive less experience from killing enemies and the combat will be even more difficult. When you start up a new game you will be able to choose between the new Story and Hard Mode but you can also choose a third option: Normal Mode. Normal Mode gives players the original Vampyr experience.

Besides the new difficulty modes, the update also includes some bug fixes and optimization. Nvidia Ansel is also included in the new update. This will allow players to capture unique in-game screenshots letting them view and share them in 3D on smartphones, VR Headset or PC.

With these new updates, it is a perfect time for a new player to join the game. There is even a sale going on from September 20 till September 24 along with other original Focus Home titles.

Vampyr is now available on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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