Vampyr – Release creeping in closer!

Vampyr – Release creeping in closer!

The release from the thrilling action RPG Vampyr is coming closer and to celebrate this DONTNOD Entertainment released a new trailer.

In Vampyr you play as Dr. Jonathan Reid, a man of logic and science, that got turned into a vampire after he returned home from WWI. He begins to have a hard time to stay true to his believes when he discovers the previously hidden world of secret societies. A lot of people want him dead including old orders and horrible creatures. London is being overrun by a terrible disease and Dr. Reid, who is a famous surgeon and blood transfusion specialist, might be the last hope to cure it.

They always say that in small villages everyone knows everyone and well in Vampyr it’s quite similar as every citizen is connected to other citizens. One citizen’s fate influences the lives of others. Each citizen has a life and a story but to Reid, they are also a tempting source of power. Drinking blood is the quickest way to get supernatural powers and to evolve into a stronger being. Killing will be unavoidable but it’s up to Reid to choose who lives and who dies. Reid has the ability to keep the health of the four main districts level.  He can cure the people with the medications that he can craft and choose to only feed himself when absolutely necessary. When the health of a district goes too low it will get overrun by supernatural beings. The missions, shops, and citizens in that district are then lost.

You can save or condemn London the 5th of June as the game releases on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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