Venom Protective Shell Case – Accessory Review
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Developer: Venom
Publisher: Venom
Platform: Switch

Venom Protective Shell Case – Accessory Review

Good: Concept
Bad: This clearly hasn't been properly tested before it was released
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We’ve had some Venom accessories for the Nintendo Switch in the past, and recently the brand came out with a Protective Shell Case, that was clearly designed for the mobile player. When inserting the Switch into the case, the device won’t fit in its docking station anymore, and while this normally shouldn’t be an issue, we actually damaged our Switch when removing the Protective Shell Case. When removing the case, which is made out of hard plastic, the top part wedged itself between the top part of the switch, and the small crease that connects the top part and the back plate. By doing so, it destroyed the plastic that holds the top screw and thus breaking a part of our Switch. The Protective Shell Case was nice on paper, but sadly all of it went to waste when it broke our device. This is probably due to the hard plastic it’s made of, and the small compartment for the cartridges on the backside, thickening the layers of plastic even more, reducing the flexibility of the encasement.

During the next paragraphs we’ll talk about what went well, when we placed the shell onto our Switch, and the short moment we could enjoy our time with the Protective Shell Case. First of all, the shell looks quite good on the Switch, and the thicker handles are lovely to work with. The handles add extra comfort and give you something to equally apply the pressure from your hands, without having to put all the strength in your fingers. Overall this part of the design is surely great.

On the backside of the case you’ll find a transparent plastic compartment. This compartment hold up to eight cartridges, which is certainly a plus when you’re on the go, or simply too lazy to always place your favorite games back in their respective cases. Sadly, when you completely fill the compartment, adding a cartridge to each slot, you’ll have to remove the adjacent cart of the game you want, as there is no room to squeeze your fingers in-between, to actually remove the cart you want. This is a big design flaw, and it’s actually quite annoying.

The overall design may look a bit cheap due to the thick plastic used, but it actually looks quite decent when applied to your switch. The transparent design makes sure your Switch still looks good, the carts on the back are a nice touch, and the handles that are colored in a grey-ish matte tint do have a certain charm as well.

In the package we also found a screen protector, which is certainly a nice plus. It’s certainly great to have something like this in a package that revolves around protecting your device.


We really wanted to love Venom’s Protective Shell Case, and to a certain extent, we did, until we tried to remove the encasement from our Switch damaging our device in the process. The case seemingly had a lot of advantages for mobile gamers, such as thicker handles, protection, a compartment for cartridges and an added screen protector. All of the great items we mentioned immediately go out of the window when the accessory that is supposed to protect your device ends up damaging it. We are not sure if this is a faulty accessory, or that this is the standard of quality for this newly released item, so we advise you to take heed of our warning(s) when looking for a protective case for your device.

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Venom Protective Shell Case - Accessory Review, 1.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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