Venom Racing Wheels – Accessory Review
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Developer: Venom
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Platform: Switch

Venom Racing Wheels – Accessory Review

Good: Compact, Affordable, Triggers
Bad: Fairly simple looking
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When the Wii hit the stores over a decade ago, third party developers pretty much had a field day, as the console, or rather its controllers, was perfect to create a hefty amount of accessories, be it replacements for the controllers themselves and their nunchucks, or simply many contraptions to place the wiimote in. We’ve had guns in the shelves in all sizes and shapes, odd looking sports accessories like a mini tennis racket, a golf club, and even fitness accessories, to give an extra dimension to your gameplay. Even though the Wii U used the same wiimotes, the third party market died compared to its predecessor. Now that the Switch also works with tiny motion controllers, the first third party developers are already trying to charm the market. Today we try the duo package of steering wheels by Venom, for Nintendo’s Switch.

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Just like the steering wheels for the Wii, the Switch variant is rather simple, albeit even more simple than Nintendo’s original counterpart for the Wii. That being said, you’ll be treated to a fairly good-looking steering wheel to encase one of your Joycon controllers. The accessory itself is rather small, which makes it fairly easy to bring along when gaming on location, which is one of Switch’s many assets, thus it’s important that accessories don’t hamper this plus side of the console – handheld hybrid. You’ll see no buttons on the steering wheel, safe for the two triggers on the backside, making it one solid big black hunk of plastic, that’s simply used to give  you the impression of holding an actual, but tiny, steering wheel.

The accessory itself is comfortable, and adds a sense of reality to playing Mario Kart, as you’re not simply tilting your controller anymore, but you’re holding an actual little steering wheel. You’ll also get better stability in regulating your steering angle, as well as how you tilt the controller, because you have something with a lot more substance to it in your hands. The only mishap may eventually be the fact that it’s a bit tiny for gamers with larger hands, who might get bothered by the protruding backside, in which you controller is held.

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If you’re not fond of the motion controls, the steering wheels will provide you with proper triggers on the backside and a decent way to grip and hold your Joycon controller, as they are not really fun to play with if you’re only using one Joycon for multiplayer purposes.


Venom’s duo pack of Racing Wheels is a fun accessory package if you like to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with the motion controls, and do so in multiplayer mode with a friend nearby. It’s great that you get an extra steering wheel for a rather cheap price, and while these steering wheels would benefit from being just a little bit bigger, they are pleasant to work with, and add a fun extra layer to your Mario Kart racing adventures.

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Venom Racing Wheels - Accessory Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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