Verbatim High Performance Sound Isolating Earphones – Hardware Review
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Developer: Verbatim
Publisher: Verbatim
Platform: All devices with a 3.5mm plug

Verbatim High Performance Sound Isolating Earphones – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Sound quality
Bad: Shape and aluminum finish will take a bit to get used to
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Most of the time we tend to look at rather big and bulky headsets to give your gaming setup that bit of extra spice, in order to look good, have gear that is qualitatively great and doesn’t break down after only a couple of sessions. That being said, there are still many who don’t like to either use a headset for their favorite games, or for outdoor activities and truth be told, big and bulky is good for certain occasions but small and refined tends to be better for others. To present you with a bit of variation, here’s our opinion of Verbatim’s High Performance Sound Isolating Earphones.

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Verbatim opted for a simple design for its earphones, albeit a classy one when it comes to the earpieces. You’ll be treated to metallic earpieces, which are longer than what is commonly seen on the market. These earpieces are rather reminiscent to the ‘bullet earphones’ that have been getting quite some attention, as you can make them yourself (if you have the proper tools and patience). The lengthy dimensions prove to be rather original and it simply looks good.

For the silver model, the cable is red and flat, the latter being for practical purposes. The red cable goes well with the silver earpieces and the black accents that are seen for the connection piece between earpieces and the cable, as well as the small control box, small plastic piece that binds both cables together and the piece that embeds the plug. Things remain simple throughout the entire design, but it works great for this item.


Verbatim’s product is pretty comfortable, albeit after some time getting used to it. Due to the different shape of the earpieces, it’s possible it will feel a bit odd the first few tries, but with the extra silicon ear buds you can alter the ‘shape’ of the earpiece a bit, making sure it fits like a glove. The only disadvantage might be the aluminum part of the earpieces that feels a bit cold when inserting them, especially when it’s a bit colder outside.

As the product’s name may imply, the earphones isolate the surrounding noise making sure you can enjoy your favorite music (or phone calls) in your own personal bubble. In the end it’s pretty much a matter of personal preference if you’d like to hear whatever goes on around you or not.

The flat cable of the device makes sure the cable doesn’t get tangled as much as conventional cables. It also means however that it’s a tad less flexible, which doesn’t truly cause any inconvenience though. It also provides ample length, making it easy for you to connect it with a device that’s in the pockets of your trousers, or even your backpack. You can also arrange the way the top part of the cable splits thanks to the small aluminum ring that you can shift in place.

Verbatim High Performance Sound Isolating Earphones 2


  • 10 mm speaker drivers
  • 125 cm tangle free flat cable
  • Aluminum speaker enclosure
  • Additional ear buds (3 pairs extra)
  • In-line microphone


As expected the earphones are plug and play thanks to the standard jacks with which the device works. The cable itself also embeds a small microphone and all of this works with only one jack, making it perfect in combination with your smartphone and/or tablet.

Sound quality proves to be rather solid, even when it comes to the bass this little device throws at you. Overall everything will sound crisp and clear, it’s fun to know that Verbatim’s hardware also packs a punch when it needs to. Overall quality is provided.

The package includes several different ear buds, as mentioned before, and they are rather easily interchangeable. As the rubber substance is easy to bend, you just pull an ear bud off and squeeze on another one. It’s fun to see that extra items were provided, as it shows that Verbatim wishes to please a bigger range of people, who might not have the need for a ‘standard fitted’ item.


Verbatim’s High Performance Sound Isolating Earphones might be a mouthful, but it does provide the full package. You will not only receive a good looking item, but also a very qualitative one when it comes to performance and it even packs a proper punch for something a bit ‘harder’ when the mood calls for it. If you’re looking for some new earphones, within an average price class, this one might suit your needs.

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Verbatim High Performance Sound Isolating Earphones - Hardware Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 12 ratings

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