Verdun calls Christmas Truce

Verdun calls Christmas Truce

The World War I squad-based first person shooter Verdun is historical accurate and each battlefront shows a splendid amount of detail. What most never knew was how the festivities during these harsh and dark times were celebrated. Last year the developers behind Verdun celebrated the 1914 Christmas truce where British, French and German soldiers held several truces along the western front and celebrated Christmas hand-in-hand, or so to speak.

Just like the previous event, players can now celebrate Christmas in a unique in game fashion. From December 22 until January 4, players can play football, throw snowballs, write Christmas cards to friends and enemies and sing along with Christmas carols while enjoying the winter scenery on Lorraine, a dedicated Christmas Truce map. Those who send out Christmas cards from the trenches and beyond will be entered in a daily give away automatically. Three random winners are picked out each day and with over 40 prizes being handed out, your chances are pretty great so it’s time to get into the spirit of giving.

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