Verdun – New expansion available for free!

Verdun – New expansion available for free!

Verdun has gotten another free expansion that adds a ton of extra things! We have reviewed Verdun before, check out our reviews here: Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The expansion includes gameplay improvements such as less deadly barbed wire, a map voting system and a handy enhanced spawn overview map.  A new game mode is also included in this expansion; “Frontlines 64” will give players the opportunity to play with up to 64 other players and/or bots. This new mode will let players experience bigger battles and give a more realistic war feel with crowded trenches. Bots are included to make sure to give players the full “crowded” experience, Of course, they will leave when actual humans join. In private matches, you will be able to pick your amount of bots and adjust their difficulty. A French Assault squad, called The Senegalese Tirailleurs, has also been added. They are equipped with four new weapons including a machete for close combat and a petard grenade.

A new map inspired by the fighting at Saint-Mihiel Salient is now also available. The map is called St. Mihiel and it is set in a forest that has seen quite a bit of fighting. Many trees have been reduced to stumps but some trees are still standing and can be used for cover. Soon a new UI will be added but players that are curious can already test it out. To test the new UI, players can go to the public “open testing” branch on Steam and already experience the UI before it releases somewhere next year.

Since Verdun was released, it has gotten updates regularly and now on request of the community a new supporter edition is available. Fans who would like to support the WW1 Game Series can now buy the Verdun Supporter Edition Upgrade on the Steam store. Supporters will get all the bonus material including the Verdun soundtrack and more! The expansion and previous updates will be available on the PS4 and Xbox One somewhere in 2019.

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