Victor Vran launches today

Victor Vran launches today

The new demon hunting action-RPG Victor Vran officially releases today. Victor Vran features 4 player online co-op gameplay, a class-less gear-based character progressions system, dozens of secrets, over 400 different challenges, dynamic difficulty personalization and a 20 hour story campaign.

Haemimont Games are already working the first 3 free DLCs and a local co-op update, coming in the following months:

  • The Tome of Souls DLC

This DLC will introduce a brand new weapon type that unlocks new active abilities and a spellcaster playstyle. There will also be legendary tomes of forbidden words and endless power, such as The Nekonomicon and Fifty Shades of Slay.

  • The Highlander Outfit DLC

This will open even more character build options and an exciting new look for the title character.

  • The Cauldron of Chaos DLC

This DLC will add a huge new map which will offer a randomized layout, encounters and daily challenges.

  • A Local Co-op


Victor Vran is available now for PC, MAC and Linux

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