Victory is Life announced for Star Trek Online

Victory is Life announced for Star Trek Online

Perfect world Entertainment inc.has announced their fourth official PC expansion for Star Trek Online, ‘Victory is Life’.

The expansion ‘Victory is Life’ introduces a new playable faction called the Jem ‘Hadar. This also includes an increased level cap and six new episodes. The expansion celebrates the classic TV series, Star Trek Deep Space Nine that recently celebrated its 25th anniversary by adding many characters of the original cast in Star Trek Online .These include Armin Shiemerman as Quarl, René Auberjonois as Odo, Nana Visitor as Kira and more.

Victory is life takes you on a maiden journey to the Gamma Quadrant. Here you will discover what is left of Deep Space Nine. This space station was damaged by the Hur’q, a new enemy that recently made its presence known to the Alliance in the game’s last featured episode. You have to team up with Deep Space Nine’s crew members to protect the galaxy from a devastating attack.

Check out Victory is Life’s announcement trailer below!

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