Vigor Season 7: Mercenaries announced

Vigor Season 7: Mercenaries announced

Bohemia Interactive has announced the release of the seventh season for Vigor today called Mercenaries. This new season starts today and features a new selection of weapons, openable and lockable exits, which will add some variety and more strategy to the maps, as well as mortar strikes for Outlanders camping out and more.

The newly added features will shake things up on the battlefield as many players were camping outside of exits to ambush you when you get out. The mortars will automatically bombard players if they stay in one spot too long without moving. Furthermore, this season will add a widget for equipping weapons with ammo, a spectator mode for Shootout and the return of the Fiske-Fabrikk map.

Below, you can watch the newest trailer that  showcases Vigor’s Season 7: Mercenaries.

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