Viro Move launches on HTC Vive

Viro Move launches on HTC Vive

Today Viro Move, the fitness game developed and published by Fit Reality, was released for HTC Vive. The game aimes to mix fitness routines with a fun VR experience. It is now possible to not just escape to virtual worlds using VR, but also to work out while playing with a VR headset.  The game was already available on Steam, as a demo version, but it has now officially launched for the HTC Vive. An Oculus Rift release is also on the way, but we’ll still have to be a little bit patient for that one.

In Viro Move, you are assigned a virtual coach that will motivate you to train harder and harder. You can participate in challenges trying to hold out increasingly longer, in order to become the VR fitness champion. There are a lot of different ways to train in this game, each of which is a fun activity that improves your stamina, endurance, movement and strategic planning.  Your caloric output is calculated and analyzed by the game’s own algorythm and you can keep track of your progress in order to manage your own fitness goals.

Below, you can check out the launch trailer for Viro Move on the HTC Vive. Check out our own YouTube Channel for this video and others.

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