Viscera Cleanup Detail

Viscera Cleanup Detail

Whether it’s Dead Space, Doom, or Halo we’ve all made our way through our share of corridors blasting away at our foes. Watching them die as their heads explode from a well placed shot to the head or as their body explodes in blood and gibs from a BFG shot. We get to the end of the game after 8 hours of killing anything and everything in our way as we save the world/universe and not even taking a glance back at where we came.

It’s probably for the best though as the way we came is coated in bits and pieces of our enemies and their blood coating every surface. That’s not our problem though, we just saved the universe who cares if our entire way there is through a corridor of blood and guts?

The janitors those poor sanitation technicians care very much as they have to work their way through, quite literally in the case of Dead Space, your old stomping ground cleaning everything up. You got a little taste of how awful it has to be in Dead Space 2 as you revisit the Ishimura from Dead Space 1 as its being decontaminated.

Thanks to Runestorm you’ll be able to get your hands dirty quite literally as you make your way through a facility that was recently the site of an alien infestation. Luckily there was a lone hero who managed to turn the tides and defeat the alien invaders, now it’s your job to clean up after this solemn hero as the janitor of the facility you’re on Viscera Cleanup Detail.–8A

The game was built in just 10 days by Runestorm as part of a game-jam, the game is still in the early alpha stage so if you want to try your hand at cleaning up the mess, you can grab the Alpha demo for free on their website.

If you like what you play, or you just want to support the team you can help Greenlight their game on Steam.

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