Yu-gi-oh!: Vision of generations

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Have you ever wondered how other players perceive the game? Did you ever wonder how your own views on Yu-Gi-Oh! changed over the years? How do other players perceive the current game environment? How do they perceive the changes? Well here is a time machine of an article(or at least an attempt of one) to provide some insight into the mind of other players! This column will be a series of interviews with players of each “generation”. We’ll start off with newer players and slowly head towards veterans of the game.

This time’s interviewee is novice Raf de Reymaeker. Vision of Gerations 1-Raf


1) How long have you been playing?

Around 2months.

2) Why have you started to play?

I was bored and thought how fun it would be to pick up a TCG. Seeing I got some Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards from my cousin so I decided to buy a “few” boosters to make a fun zombie deck.

3) Did you have any difficulties with getting into the game?

I think the most difficult part was that there were only a few stores that sell Yu-Gi-Oh! The ones that do have them, usually don’t have a lot of variety or not enough boosters. I think this is the cause as of why there aren’t enough players. If there would be more choice in a store, then I think that I would be further now(as a player). I seldom trade and only have a small trade-binder. I also think that Konami should keep older sets longer in print, because some cards are just too hard to find or are to expensive, which keeps me from making my deck competitive.

4) Do you have certain rules for yourself? (trading tips, game rules; anything that you think will help you)

I don’t really have any trading tips since I don’t have a big trade-binder. I just try not to go below the value of cards I try to trade. While I playing I use a die to keep count of my opponents handsize. In general I think about every move carefully.

Why the dice?

I heard from a lot of people that other players tend to cheat by drawing extra cards, the dice lets me keep track of their handsize.

5) What deck are you playing now?

I run a reasonably good zombie deck that can easily swarm the field.

6) Why did you decide to play this deck? Was it linked to the current meta or personal reasons?

I once bought a Haunted mine booster and it was full of Zombies. They were a good basis. At first I added some fiends. After some testing I was sure that I only wanted to run zombies, because of the synergy. I bought a zombie world structure deck and that added enough to my deck to make it a complete zombie deck.

7) What do you think is the current state of the game?

I think the game turned out to have more variety, back then you would only go for the beaters. Now there are so many things to think about.

8) Which card would you like to see unbanned? More importantly, why would you want to see them unbanned?

Big list, cyber jar just because I like the card, Dark magician of Chaos (I don’t really get what is so bad about his effect and I like magicians) and magician of faith (why her and not mask of darkness). Last but not least: witch of the black forest, why not sangan for so long? I don’t really know what’s so bad about her effect, I know she’s good but I don’t think ban-worthy.

9) Which card would you like to see banned?(why)

Rescue rabbit because of its effect. It just gives you too many options.

10) Where do you think is yu-gi-oh heading to? Meta-wise or any aspect of it really.

I think decks are going to evolve into pure-element decks, I don’t like the thought since I love mixing attributes and types.

11) Any closing remarks? ( Can be anything, but make it at least a decent thought)

I hope they reprint the first original sets.

This concludes this time’s interview. I hope this was of some help to some of our readers or at least fun to read.

See you next time on Vision of generations!


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