Voetbalgek! #10 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Comedy
Written by: Jenfèvre, Sulpice, Cazenove
Illustrations: Olivier Saive
Coloring: David Lunven
Publisher: Ballon

Voetbalgek! #10 – Comic Book Review

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Bad: Predictable at times, Adult humor might not be suited for children
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Sometimes people get overly excited when watching their favorite sports, or even become so enthralled with it they do not even know right from wrong anymore. Nonetheless, even though the latter might sound bad, it sometimes brings up rather amusing and funny situations. That brings us to Marcel Vangool, trainer of the local football team, who truly wishes the best for his team, but it seems his players have a long way to go. This makes him plot certain things which aren’t completely by the book, hoping to finally achieve a bit of fame.


The ‘Leerklooiers’, the local football team, which is good at only one thing, losing, still does their best in giving it all they’ve got every single match. Of course, some peculiar methods are being used, hoping to give them an extra boost or even certain misunderstandings happen on the field, ensuring rather funny scenarios.

As the series doesn’t really have an underlying story, except for hoping the team would score a goal or two during the matches, everything is pretty much a collection of one or two paged gags, which are often quite funny for a younger audience, albeit a tad predictable from time to time. That being said, there are a few hints of rather adult humor scattered throughout the entire issue.

Even though Ballon Media is the distributor of the series, it’s rather annoying to see ‘advertisements’ on the football field every few gags for the company. Of course, during actual football matches, the sides are crammed full with posters of the brands that support the teams, but in an album such as this one, it would have been more fun if they filled in those ‘sponsor messages’ with something funny or witty.

The different gags have been written by Jenfèvre, Sulpice and Cazenove, who do a proper job in making a fun collection of football related gags. Whilst the humor is not always that well devised, you’ll still have a decent amount of fun reading through the album, even if you’re not that into football.

Illustrations are handled by Olivier Saive, who is quite good in creating loveable characters. Everything has a certain comical amount of detail and the bright colors by David Lunven add to the overall appeal of the series. Everything is very lively and bright, making the lightheartedness a pleasant experience.


Voetbalgek! #10 might not be the best addition for your comic book collection, but if you like simple, lighthearted sports related gags, this one will offer some entertainment. Not only is the issue accessible for a younger public, older fans will find some merit in the short gags as well. Everything is supported by fun and bright illustrations, making this a fairly amusing album.

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Rating: 6.0/10 (2 votes cast)
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Voetbalgek! #10 - Comic Book Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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