Voice-controlled thriller Unknown Number is coming to Steam this year

Voice-controlled thriller Unknown Number is coming to Steam this year

It’s time to warm up your beautiful vocal cords, gamers! The interactive adventure game, Unknown Number, is coming to Steam this very year! The exciting voice-controlled adventure, by indie studio godolphin games, is planned to be fully released by Q2 of 2022. Alongside the announcement, there was also a new gameplay trailer released that shows off in-game cryptic puzzles and high-pressure choices. 

Help eco-warriors Amanda and Ethan conduct a daring heist on an abandoned oil rig. Discover a thrilling adventure filled with danger, corruption, and political intrigue. Talk, sing, whisper, and shout your way through an immersive audio-rich experience that uses voice commands for just about everything.

In this genre-defying thriller, use your voice to…

  • SOLVE complex puzzles to unlock treasure vaults
  • NAVIGATE a maze-like oil rig under serious time pressure
  • IMPERSONATE high-profile oil execs on conference calls
  • TRICK henchman into abandoning their guard posts
  • JOIN a burgeoning underground eco-movement
  • MAKE crucial moral decisions that impact the story
  • TELL knock-knock jokes… and maybe even SAVE the world

You can wishlist Unknown Number on Steam right now!

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