Vokabulantis – Campaign now on Kickstarter!

Vokabulantis – Campaign now on Kickstarter!

Vokabulantis is a handcrafted stop motion co-op platformer adventure game, which is currently in a Kickstarter campaign to fund development and release. This game is being developed by Wired Fly Animation, Kong Orange, and Morten Søndergaard. Vokabulantis is targeted for all major platforms, and will with certainty be released via Steam.

Join Kurt and Karla in their struggle to restore peace to Vokabulantis – and to express their feelings for each other after their words have been taken away. Lost in the world of language, which has been torn apart by their inability to speak, they have to save Vokabulantis to save their kindled feelings for one another. A moment of tenderness becomes an epic odyssey through the City of Noun, The Word Power Crystal mines of Afasia and over the sea of the giant Verb Karbs and much more. Fighting the Word Fürher and Grandma Marble – the two ancient forces of language, meeting Numerica, Iago, The Color Prince and many more.

Vokabulantis is a love story based on language. It’s playable as single player and co-op; you can play as Karla and/or Kurt. This game features a full story play-through of 6-8 hours, and an additional 2-4 hours of gameplay if you hunt for all the hidden quirks and achievements. Vokabulantis is made with a combination of technical and artistic solutions unlike any stop motion film or game experience before it.

Check out the Vokabulantis Kickstarter campaign to learn more about this game!

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