Voldo is back in SoulCalibur VI

Voldo is back in SoulCalibur VI

Bandai Namco has announced the return of Voldo, which might ring a bell if you think back of his deadly fighting skills. He was the cruel helper of Vercci, which was an Italian weapon dealer and head of the Burg family. With this dangerous job, Voldo surely needs to know his way around weapons, what certainly is the case with his double Jamadhar weapons called Manas and Ayus. As Voldo was the guardian of the Money Pit, he lived in the dark for a long time, which made him lose sight but he now has excellent hearing skills and other improved senses. The combination of the these skills makes him rather unpredictable.

You’ll be able to fight with this bad boy on the 19th of October on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Faster than lightning

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