Volf: Blood (Amethyst Trilogy Book #3) – Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Supernatural
Written by: Sarah Elliot
Publisher: Pegasus Publishers

Volf: Blood (Amethyst Trilogy Book #3) – Book Review

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It has been a while since we last dived into the Volf series, which revolved around two very special werewolf-vampire hybrids that were meant to do great things. Sadly, their wicked mother, an ancient vampire, wants to unleash the young Volfs’ powers and claim them as her own. In the first book, it was all about Ekata’s escape, finding the love of her life, and in the second book, we got to know Dymas, who was still entrapped by his mother. Now both children are back at the mansion, waiting to be saved. This review will be somewhat shorter as our previous ones, as this installment is pretty much a fairly long conclusion to the trilogy, that goes from one exciting scene to another.

The book starts off with the reunion of Ekata and Dymas, albeit under perilous conditions. The twins find themselves back at their old house, under the supervision of Cresta Du Winter and her ghoulish troops. While both of them will have to devise a plan to escape, it’s actually Tyra and Fiero who take the lead, together with a vampire party, to free the two Volfs.

The flow is a lot more intense in this issue. While the previous books also had their fair share of excitement and danger, this book is pretty much all about a dangerous situation, namely saving the Volf twins before they kick the bucket. The flow is quite fast, even though this issue is a bit thicker and pretty much only revolves around the rescue of Ekata and Dymas.

Just like in the previous books of the series, some phrases are a bit wonky, and there are a few spelling errors to be found. Nonetheless, it never truly gets in the way of your reading pleasure. Characters evolve less in this issue, as it’s basically wrapping things up, but you’ll be surprised to learn about some characters. Overall, there’s a proper amount of suspense, as you go from one dangerous situation to another in this third book.


Volf: Blood, the third part of the Amethyst Trilogy, is a very nice ending to a soppy and action-packed love story. While we have to be honest that this book, or the series it’s a part of, will never win any big awards, it will certainly entice Twilight fans, and others who are interested in supernatural love stories to press on. We were thoroughly entertained by this short but sweet series and we can recommend checking this out if you’re into werewolves, vampires and a bit of true love sprinkled in-between.

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Rating: 8.0/10 (2 votes cast)
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Volf: Blood (Amethyst Trilogy Book #3) – Book Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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