Volf: Gold (Amethyst Trilogy Book #2) – Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Supernatural
Written by: Sarah Elliot
Publisher: Pegasus Publishers

Volf: Gold (Amethyst Trilogy Book #2) – Book Review

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A few weeks ago we dived into the mysterious world of vampires and werewolves again, with the book series ‘Volf’. The first issue revolved around Ekata, a young hybrid vampire-werewolf, who was being hunted by her very own mother for her extraordinary powers. Nonetheless, she temporarily escaped the clutches of her evil mother, to find love and comfort with the love of her life, Fiero. This time however we are transported back to the mansion of the vile Cresta Du Winter, who still has the other Volf, Ekata’s twin brother Dymas, locked up for her very own amusement, hoping to one day extract the powers of this golden Volf. If you haven’t read the first issue yet, this review may contain a few spoilers.

Volf Gold 2

In this issue we leave the story featuring Ekata and Fiero behind, for the most part, and focus wholly on Dymas, the second Volf. Sadly Dymas has never been able to escape from his mother’s grasp, and has had to remain at the vampire estate to become the subject of daily torture and strange visitors who dabble in the occult, trying to unlock and steal his hidden powers. Nonetheless, Dymas has never truly given up, simply because of the love of his life, Tyra, who is actually a spirit, that is destined to protect Dymas as best as possible. Sadly, she finds herself in a situation where she can’t do much more than comfort him, show him love and support whatever he has to go through. That being said, things take a turn for the worse now that Dymas’ eighteenth birthday is right around the corner, which would grant Cresta a better chance of stealing his powers.

In the meantime, Ekata is being transported back to the mansion by Mephistopheles and Siren, which is something Dymas also soon learns, which throws him in a more desperate state than he was already in. Fiero, of course isn’t letting this go by idly either, especially with his mysterious allies to back him up.

Even though love still stands in the center of this issue, as the love relation between Tyra and Dymas is laid on quite thick throughout the story, it’s relatively more about escaping the clutches of Cresta Du Winter than the first album which was nearly all about Ekata finding the love of her life. Again, with the short span of this book, everything that transpires happens over the course of a few days, making the pace rather fast, and in many ways fairly eventful. For the most part you’ll be switching back and forth between Dymas and Tyra in this book, but sometimes you’ll get a glimpse in the psyche of Cresta herself, and several other characters, but less so compared to the first issue. Overall, the pacing feels about right, and it makes us wonder if this story can be wrapped up within the same page limit in its third and final issue.

Again this issue has some wonky phrases and a few spelling errors which are a bit of an eyesore at times, but for the most part these are only small mistakes that don’t really hamper the otherwise somewhat intense experience. Again characters are allowed to evolve in a very short time, albeit a bit more limited compared to the first book, as this time the main story had to evolve quicker, and the totally different setting had less room for said kind of development.


This second installment of the Volf series is ‘more of the same’, which is certainly not a bad thing. That being said, the focus has slightly shifted towards the bigger picture, instead of focusing on a love plot alone. The overall picture of this vampire and werewolf hybrid story is turning into something original, albeit in a rather simplistic form. If you’re into love, drama and a whiff of action and adventure, with a vampire setting, this series is certainly worth a read.

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Volf: Gold (Amethyst Trilogy Book #2) – Book Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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