Volf: Silver (Amethyst Trilogy Book #1) – Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Supernatural
Written by: Sarah Elliot
Publisher: Pegasus Publishers

Volf: Silver (Amethyst Trilogy Book #1) – Book Review

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It’s been quite some time since we last checked out a series of books, as we are often quite preoccupied with the many comic book releases that are flooding our way. Nonetheless, during our travels we picked up a fun series that looked promising, and we wanted to explore it further, as it revolves around topics we often talk about on the site, namely vampires and werewolves, or more precisely a hybrid being that is aptly named a ‘Volf’. We were lucky enough to receive a copy of both the first and second book of the Amethyst trilogy, of which we’ll share our findings today, at least of the first part of the series.

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Ekata, a young Volf, is on the run for her brother Mephistopheles and her sister Siren, who are out for her blood. They wish to take the Volf home, to their mother, a brutal elder vampire, in order to steal her powers, which are said to be unparalleled. Luckily for both vampires, Ekata has no clue how to use her powers just yet, or she doesn’t even realize what she could actually achieve if she put her mind to it. Nonetheless, in the snowy forest, she gets pulled to safety by a young werewolf, who commands her to stay quiet until her siblings pass and go somewhere else to look for her. Ekata, as well as the young werewolf, are heavily injured, but thanks to the young werewolf, Fiero, Ekata is able to cling onto her life for a bit longer. Both injured beings are discovered by Jared, Fiero’s cousin, who then takes Ekata and Fiera back to the werewolves’ den, in order to nurse her back to life. That being said, the vampire duo soon discovers that the werewolves took hold of Ekata, and they will remain close in order to retrieve her, at least, if they are able to pass the werewolves’ barriers.

From here on out, a struggle for survival begins, but also a journey of love. Fiero has had many visions about Ekata, and vice versa. They know they are meant to be, if it weren’t for one small annoying fact: they actually never met before, thus it’s quite hard to start a love affair with someone you don’t know yet. Prepare yourselves for a complicated yet fragile love story.

The flow of this first installment is fairly rapid, as it only spans around 160 pages, with not that much text per page. You’ll only go through several days/weeks of Ekata’s life, thus everything that happens, happens rather fast after one another. Nonetheless, the pace is quite pleasant, and it makes things a bit more personal, as it clearly describes the bond between Ekata and Fiero, while also putting other characters into the limelight. While this may make the love plot more interesting, it also means that, due to the limited amount of pages, you won’t get that much outside of the sobby love story, which is pretty much a love-or-hate kind of scenario.

During our read-through, we noticed a few wonky phrases and a handful of spelling errors, which are all in all not a biggie, but we can imagine some readers may be bothered by such things. Nonetheless, it never gets in the way of the story, which is still all about love and strange beings. The character development in this first album is also rather limited, once again due to the limited span of this issue. That being said, the writer doesn’t add too many characters, to make sure that those who are mentioned are allowed their time to bloom, and slowly evolve as the story goes on.


It’s clear that a series such as this will not be for everyone, but mostly those who love the occult, and more precisely stories about vampires and werewolves. The concept of a hybrid being has been used before in other stories, but overall it’s clear that the focus of this issue lies on love, and a certain mystery of what such a being that possesses the powers of both sides is able to do. This introduction to the series doesn’t immediately tell us what we can expect in the upcoming issues, but it’s a pleasing short story nonetheless. If you’re into a rather sad love story, with some interesting battles between otherworldly beings, this first part of the series might just please you for a few evenings.

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Rating: 6.9/10 (7 votes cast)
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Volf: Silver (Amethyst Trilogy Book #1) - Book Review, 6.9 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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