Volvox – Review
Follow Genre: Puzzle, Platformer
Developer: Neotenia
Publisher: Neotenia
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Volvox – Review

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Triangles don’t sound like the most interesting things on earth, let’s be honest, even though Pythagoras would definitely disagree. After playing this game though, you might have a different view on triangles, as they can be used in various different ways. You’ll have to help the Trimoebas, which are triangular shaped creatures, to achieve their goal: becoming one greater being by working together.



A big thing is happening for the Trimoebas, a tribe of triangular, one-eyed creatures. They are going to attend the birth of a powerful new creature, that was created by the fusion of six of their sisters. A new era has arrived. They will no longer live as a mere colony, just feeding and replicating, but they will work together to accomplish something greater, to become one single being that is greater than the sum of its parts.

This introductory story was in no way necessary for you to be able to enjoy the game, but it adds just that something extra, which makes it all just a tad more interesting.


Volvox can easily be described as a very colorful game, that looks quite different due its flowy lines, as well as the bright colors and its overall dreamy look. The Trimoebas have only one eye with which they constantly look all around or follow the way you’re going with your mouse, as well as some tentacles which they can move, but do not serve any purpose whatsoever. Nonetheless, all of this makes them look alive and even a bit loveable, as far as that’s possible of course, as they are mere triangles. The backdrops are quite simple. They do look appealing due to the brightly colored decorations, but other than that there is not that much to say.



Sound wise, there is not that much to say about Volvox. While you are playing there is a constant tune that sounds quite mysterious and alternative. Even though the music fits the game, it just keeps going on and on without any variation, making it quite numbing. Every time you change from moving one Trimoeba to the other, there is a little plopping sound, but other than that there are not really any extra sound effects.


In this puzzle game the goal is to create the greater beings using individual Trimoebas. In every level you’ll have to move your Trimoebas in order to fit their green side onto the green spot. Once you’ve accomplished that, you have earned a new piece of the greater being. Each greater being contains multiple levels, and since there are also quite some beings to be made, you’ll be occupied for quite some time. As simple as the initial objective of the game may sound, it is actually not easy to finish a level. Since the position in which your triangles stand is quite important, you’ll have to find ways to have them step over each other, in order for them to make one more or one less move, thus changing their position on a certain spot. Luckily, in the first few levels you get some tips as to how you can do that.


In some levels you’ll have to put several Trimoebas in the right position before finishing it, while in others it’s only one. Nonetheless, you’ll find that you will have to use the other ones available in order to succeed. While some are just normal ones, there are also some color codes you have to remember. The Trimoebas with a green side are the ones that you need to position in the right place in order to move up a level. The ones with a red side are bombs that you can trigger at any given time, but you’ll have to keep in mind that they will only explode the one triangle they touch with that red side. There are also patches on your way that have a yellow side. These yellow patches are very sticky and can only be crossed by Trimoebas with a blue side, be it only when the blue side touches the yellow patch. All of this makes the game one where you need to think a lot before acting. Also obstacles, mist and other circumstances impede your mission for success.

The goal of the game, as well as the controls, are very simple, yet you have to think everything over quite a lot in order to succeed. This makes  it not the kind of game to play for a long period at a time. As long as you find the solution within a reasonable amount of time, the game is fun to play, but once you’re stuck, well, you’re stuck, which can be very annoying.


When it comes to controls, there are only three things to remember: use your left and right arrows to go in the respective directions, press the space bar to switch the Trimoeba you’re moving, and press the red button when you want to have a bomb Trimoeba explode. No need for long explanations, you’re good to go in no time.

After completing Volvox, which will take you quite some time, there are some special features unlocked with which you can change the design slightly. There are quite some designs to choose from, but none of them truly change the overall look of the game that much. A much nicer feature that will be unlocked after you complete the game, is that you can play with other shapes than mere triangles.


Volvox is a puzzle game that, despite it looking quite simple, is actually very challenging. The further you progress, the more you will have to crack your brain to complete the level. We won’t argue that it is bad to challenge your grey matter every now and then, yet it does get quite frustrating when you just really don’t see the right solution. Other than that, it’s a fun game to play, with easy controls and a story that is completely otiose, yet adds a nice touch.


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Volvox - Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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