Voyage into the future with Stellaris

Voyage into the future with Stellaris

At Gamescom yesterday, Paradox Interactive revealed new game Stellaris from Paradox Development Studio (the team behind Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings). Well known for its grand historical-based strategy games, Paradox’s Stellaris is a slight deviation in its usual formula- it is set in the far future, instead of the past.

Henrik Fahraeus, the lead designer of medieval strategy-role playing experience Crusader Kings II, has set the stars in his sights in a science fiction strategy game that will be about more than just building empires in the skies.

Stellaris will feature a dynamic decision system and a strong emphasis on exploration and science teams, with more to research than simply bigger lasers or stronger hulls. As we well know, space is very big, so getting the run of the materials around you will be essential to understanding how best to use it for your civilisation!

Furthermore, thousands of planets are available with procedurally generated star systems, which will give players a massive area to perform the stories that Paradox is famous for. Customise ships, encounter unique and randomly generated races and participate in advanced diplomacy, all within a beautiful star map that, according to Paradox, is unmatched by anything they have made before.

For more information on Stellaris, visit the game’s website at: and check out the trailer below.

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