VROOM KABOOM – Releasing soon

VROOM KABOOM – Releasing soon

A brand new game is releasing soon. VROOM KABOOM is a sort of tower rush but then with vehicles. The game is a crazy mash-up of action gameplay and tactical choices.

Players will have to choose a faction and a deck of vehicles to battle against A.I. or humans. Resources are limited so players will have to play strategically to collect the needed supplies to deploy vehicles and destroy the enemy team. Over 70 units are available to choose from, so players can build a deck that suits their playstyle best.  There is also the possibility to play VROOM KABOOM in VR so you can up the level of insanity. There are three factions players can choose from that will unlock unique cards, vehicles to drive and music to listen to. Players will be able to engage in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 battles.

VROOM KABOOM will release the 14th of August (the 15th of August in Europe) on the PS4 and PC.


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