Wage war against gods in Entropy’s Fall

Wage war against gods in Entropy’s Fall

PSS, short for Poor Small Studio, are working on their very first project called Entropy’s Fall. In this game, you play as Kayos, who is at war with another God in the planet called Entropy. While the protagonist’s story is that of revenge, what makes the saga stand out is that the characters of the game represent abstract worldly characters such a chaos, justice, etc. and each of their actions is linked to their fundamental qualities. According to PSS, Entropy’s Fall is a loveletter to games like Shadow Of Colossus and Gods Of War with a 2D twist.

Entropy’s fall features:

  • Gigantic bosses called Arafa which feature as your only enemy. They’re a fusion/ combo of ancient warrior races (eg. Samurai) and mythical creatures (eg. Centaurs) that have advanced A.I. mechanics. This allows for freedom and ability to craft distinctive, creative and challenging boss monsters that will challenge players to solve the puzzle of defeating every single one of them.
  • Mixing the feel of comic-like stylized characters with a beautiful digitally painted environment style to create vivid visuals. The contrast leads to a stunning combo that adds to the gameplay.
  • Aims to bring the platforming excitement in a more realistic yet fun approach where player movement is physics based and animations are smooth and stylish. Players feel the fluidity but the unpredictability of physics gives them an added thrill and challenge. Solving how to take down the Arafa and finishing them off with Quick Time minigames helps to create a grippling gameplay experience.
  • Entropy’s Fall is a game of contrasts both on a emotional and philosophical level. A simple tale of revenge, duty and sacrifice that delivers unparalleled depth.

A releasedate hasn’t been announced yet but the game bound to release soon.

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