Waifu Uncovered – Review
Follow Genre: Bullet Hell, Arcade
Developer: One-Hand-Free Studios
Publisher: One-Hand-Free Studios
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Waifu Uncovered – Review

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We recently took a look at Mokoko, which was a game that rewarded you with sexy pics of anime girls. You could opt to see them in skimpy outfits, or you could go for the nude DLC, that showed you all the colors of the rainbow. Now, only weeks after the Mokoko release, we get to play something similar in Waifu Uncovered. What first looked like yet another ‘reveal the picture’ adult game, soon turned out to be a great bullet hell game with a shitty theme and topic.


The Earth is being invaded by aliens, who all look like something you’d fish out of the sewer, and now, for some unknown reason, every attractive girl’s outfit has become toxic. You, a ninja with the head of a horse, are the only savior of these girls, who will praise you with cheesy one-liners after you’ve rescued them. That’s all there is to the game, and the topic is just ridiculous. While at first, this seemed like enough of a plot for the game to build on, we were both surprised and disappointed. We were engaged with the game’s decent gameplay, and then we regretted that the developers had to pick an adult (and a shitty one at that) theme to get potential buyers, who will, in turn, be disappointed by the game’s difficulty.


Waifu Uncovered’s graphics are all over the place. You’ll always be playing on a glorified wallpaper, that alters slightly as you progress through the stage. The latter means that the girl will slightly change her facial expression and removes some of her clothes. The enemies look like strange renditions of old memes, ranging from a flying butthole, angry meme asteroids, pigs in flying saucers to a defecating bat. The enemies look like total crap, but for some reason, this works. This would have worked even better if the theme wasn’t about undressing anime girls. Both styles don’t really go well together, but the overall colorfulness and the variation of enemies do show that some work went into this project.

As the game is a bullet hell title, your screen will constantly be filled with enemies and projectiles flying at you. Nonetheless, your spaceship (yes, you all of a sudden fly a spaceship) properly stands out from the crowd, making it so that finding a path through the bullet-hail is actually possible.


The sound design is very reminiscent of an old school arcade title. While the limited soundtrack loops constantly, the music is spot-on. The sound effects, on the other hand, sound a bit cheap, and the short words that are supposedly voiced by the girls sound a bit off too.


What at first looked like another shitty adult title, turned into a real bullet hell game, that pits you against alien invaders who wish to overthrow the world by poisoning the clothes of attractive young women. Of course, it could be that everyone is poisoned and that your hero just saves busty ladies, no one knows. As you go, you will find power-ups, to make you stronger for the rounds to come.

Each of the stages you plow through is divided into rounds in which you have to collect shuriken from dead enemies to make the counter reach zero. When it reaches zero, you get a new phase, and you have to do the same all over again, until you reach the stage’s boss. When beating the boss, you pick a new girl to save, and your journey continues. The game also has an arcade mode, and the ‘one hand mode’ which unlocks after you save some ‘waifus’. The latter is of course for those who are expected to spank their monkeys during their playthrough. The game, however, is actually quite difficult, and will not be beaten in a single go. You’ll unlock the different spaceships quite easily, but the end stage becomes a bit tricky due to the rising difficulty.

As you progress, you’ll also unlock the ‘uncensored’ filter, which will give you a healthy dose of titties, which is also the selling point of this game. This brings us to the fact that this game is actually a good bullet hell title, that draws in users the wrong way. You’ll have challenging gameplay, in a game whose fanbase is looking to jerk their way through it with no effort at all. Of course, sex sells but it will probably result in many of the ‘fanbase’ to be malcontent with the threshold to overcome.

The game does have a few issues with hitboxes and certain impassable difficulty spikes. For example, when shooting at the winged turds (yup, you’ve read that right) with a single shot, you’ll have to hit them in the middle to actually damage them, otherwise, your bullets do nothing. If you are swarmed by the meme-asteroids early on, you won’t have enough firepower to crack them, and more then often you’re forced to take damage as your ship is too wide to pass through the crevices. We hope things like this will get looked at soon.


Waifu Uncovered is a hard game to properly score. The game does have decent mechanics, different vehicles to choose from, challenging gameplay, and all the necessary elements to make a great bullet hell game. It also has glorified wallpapers with tits on, ridiculous enemy design and some minor bugs and flaws. If you’re looking for something entertaining in the bullet hell genre, and you are also looking for some nudity, then by all means, try this one out.

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Rating: 7.6/10 (5 votes cast)
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Waifu Uncovered - Review, 7.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

Aspiring ninja.

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