War Thunder – Battlefield Engineer is here!

War Thunder – Battlefield Engineer is here!

The Battlefield Engineer event has started in War Thunder! With this event, players will be able to repair and trade rare military vehicles.

After the first battle from the event, players will receive a damaged I-180S. They will have to diagnose the vehicle to see which components are defective, this damage will be unique to each aircraft. After they have found out which components they need, players will be able to fight in the battles to get them as well as tool kits to help fix the vehicle. After players have gotten their I-180S they will get more I-180S vouchers which they will be able to trade for unique rare vehicles exclusive to the Battlefield Engineer event. These exclusive vehicles are; the Merkava Mk.1, the light cruiser HMS Tiger, the Junkers Ju 388J and the new American B-29 Superfortress bomber.

First place ranking players at the end of each battle will receive extra Toolkits and might also get a coupon for the unique camouflage. Players will also be able to sell their spare coupons, components, and toolkits on the Market.

For even more information about the Battlefield Engineer event check here.

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