War Thunder – Expand your world with all new ships!

War Thunder – Expand your world with all new ships!

The first round of naval warfare was met with three huzzahs. So, having heard the community, get ready for round two! This time around, there are three types of vehicles, aircraft, torpedo boats, and destroyers for added dynamics to adapt to any situation. Destroyers have some of the most extreme ranges seen in the game, being able to reach opposite ends of the map. They can defend themselves with large amounts of weaponry, such as low caliber automatic weapons to defend against air attacks. It is the captain’s duty to decide which targets will be the priority and what parts of the ship to repair while being bombarded with fire in all possible directions. Be that starboard or port side, or from the air or down in the water.

This time, all five fleets will be represented by their own destroyers, such as; the 1936-class Z20 Karl Galster for Germany, the Tribal-class for Britain, the 7-U-class for the USSR, the Fletcher-class for the USA and Yugumo-class for Japan.

All destroyers and more will be available to try this weekend.

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