War Thunder: Update 1.69 ‘Regia Aeronautica’

War Thunder: Update 1.69 ‘Regia Aeronautica’

Gaijin Entertainment’s vehicular MMOG ‘War Thunder’ released its newest update today. This new update will take you to the skies of Italy. This is the sixth nation War Thunder has added to its mighty fine collection of historically accurate combat scenarios. In addition to 35 new airplanes, they’ve added new aircraft and tanks for four other nations. After many requests, they’ve have also added the ability to launch smoke shells and smokescreens from tanks and support for PlayStation4 Pro.
The new nation’s aircraft will be available through gradual access to all players.

New vehicles

Among the new Italian aircraft are Italy’s famous biplanes of the 1930’s and its powerful jet fighters of the 1960’s. Some of these are: the fast and agile fighter-bomber Fiat G.91, the heavy four-engined Piaggio P.108B and the ship hunter P.108A. The P.108A is the sister model of the P.108B and comes equipped with the largest aviation weapon in the game by far, a massive 102mm anti-ship cannon with 50 rounds of ammo.

The United States will receive a brand new top-rank vehicle, the M60A2 “Starship”, which can fire both conventional shells and guided-missiles. On the other side of the aisle, the Soviet Union will be able to make use of the T-55A. This tank will be excellent for close combat and flanking. Even though the United States and the Soviet Union obtained new tanks, Germany will employ its first armored car, the Sd.Kfz. 234/2 “Puma”.

New locations

‘Kuban’ has been rebuilt to create a more varied and tactical combat field for tanks. The pilots among us will wage war over ‘Tunisia’, whilst the seafaring combatants will be able to fight in the Black Sea location of ‘Port of Novorossiysk’.

More information in the Developer’s Blog

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